Real Player or Helix Player on Warty?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Nov 7 23:39:16 UTC 2004

> > didn't bother with packages for my x86 machine.  Downloaded the .bin
> > file from  Ran it and Installed the software in
> > /opt/RealPlayer.  Then in the plugins directory of firefox
> > (/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins) added a symbolic link to
> >  and  nphelix.xpt  in that /opt/RealPlayer directory.
> > 
> Fine thanks. Just one last question: Are you refering to Real- or Helix
> Player? Thanks for details.

RealPlayer.  But you should be able to do something similar with the
HelixPlayer; they are very similar to install in that fashion; which
is not surpsinig considering they arte very close sibblings)

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