Installation on Old System [was re: WARTY review]

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Sun Nov 7 21:43:02 UTC 2004

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 11:03:48 -0800, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 07:20:03AM -0600, Tommy Trussell wrote:
> > The installer asked if I wanted to get updates from the network, then
> > it proceeded to configure the apt sources... BUT when I was finished
> > it had not retrieved the updated packages -- just configured some
> > sources.
> And running apt-get upgrade immediately after the installation fetched
> updates?  Or you had to run apt-get update first?

I did run apt-get update, but I don't remember for certain whether it
had to fetch any updates that first time. My impression was that it
did not. And I was not being careful -- I MAY have run dselect too,
which I believe can sometimes affect the cache. But I did the update
and upgrade using apt.

> > I typed "custom" at the boot prompt. What you are saying is correct;
> > what I meant to say is that when you run dselect it does not SHOW any
> > other packages to install -- it shows only the few dozen that are part
> > of a very basic installation. It's as if there's a special repository
> > for just the base installation and that's all you see.
> Probably dselect's available database is not up to date.  Try "dselect
> update".

You are quite right -- I was under the impression that dselect was
merely a front-end to apt and did not realize it has its own cache.
Choosing update in dselect produced exactly the situation I expected

Thank you for all the hand-holding.

I know this sounds like I'm looking for punishment, but I do intend to
run a couple more installs on this machine just so I understand the
process better, and also to confirm that the Debian install works
right now, too. The next ubuntu install will be a normal one.

I will watch very carefully to see what updates get installed and
when. Does synaptic use its own cache, too? I will try to be extremely
consistent about which tool I use next time.

P.S.: One thing I noticed -- but probably only because I was watching
at the right moment -- I noticed the installer said it had collected
data for an  installation report. Is that something that gets
automatically transferred back to ubuntu HQ or is it stored in a file
somewhere? Is that a Debian thing that I've just never noticed before?

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