new Ubuntu user

Marc Williams marcw at
Sun Nov 7 19:39:30 UTC 2004

kelvinty wrote:
> It's quite simple to update your spanking new ubuntu distribution
> actually.  ;) 
> Go to
> Computer > System Configuration > Synaptic Package Manager
> Click on "Reload", then "Mark All Upgrades, and finally "Apply".
> Synaptic will then proceed to install most of the upgrades you will
> need.
> Even when I was using Fedora, I was employing this method because I
> couldn't stand all the prompts and the user interface of the RHN
> upgrade application.

Indeed, I was quite comfortable with apt-get and synaptic on FC?.  They 
were my tools of choice rather than yum.  But I'm afraid I disagree 
about the usefulness of the RHN notify tool.  I thought it was 
*extremely* useful.  I knew that if the icon wasn't throbbing that there 
were no updates.  Period.  I had no need to check anything else.  And 
while the Ubuntu security update mailing list will approximate that 
function, it will likely not announce non-security related updates 
necessitating the need to run the Synaptic updates and upgrades 

But that's ok.  It's not hard to do and someone else mentioned that 
Ubuntu was working on such a notify tool anyway.  I thought that was 
good news.

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