Mplayer Oddity

Johann De Freitas jdefreitas at
Sun Nov 7 15:53:58 UTC 2004

My movie files are located on a FAT partition that I share between my
distros and Win2k.

When I initially launched Mplayer I navigated to the folder where my
movie files are located and added one file to the playlist. Mplayer
runs fine. However when I exit Mplayer(normally) and relaunch when I
try to run the same movie file I get an error "can't open audio
/dev/dsp : Device or Resource Busy". Of course no audio. Once I remove
the file from the playlist and add it again, the movie runs. I didn't
have to logout simply removing and adding file to playlist regains

Further if I navigate to the file and right click "open with Mplayer"
the error "can't open audio /dev/dsp : Device or Resource Busy"
consistently occurs. I must launch Mplayer first and navigate to movie
file for it to play.

Suggestions to overcome this annoying behaviour?

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