Yaboot error on PPC-installation on internal HD

Markus Kuschnik markuschnik at gmx.de
Sun Nov 7 13:50:30 UTC 2004

Dear Listmembers,

After downloading and burning the PPC-iso of Ubuntu 4.10 I am now trying to
install Ubuntu on a second internal harddrive  my dual boot G5, but without

Anything goes well in the first stage of the installation: the Ubuntu base
system is installed and the rest of the software files are being copied to
the harddrive, but after the subsequent restart of the system my Mac always
boots into Mac OS X.

I know it has to do something with yaboot being misplaced or not being found
during the boot-process, but I am quite a newbie to Linux and have no idea
of how to fix this.

Did anyone else of you experience the same and does have a solution or
workaround for that?

I already went through the postings in this list's archive and found a
posting by enrike, titled "Yaboot error on ppc installation on external HD"
(Oct 20 04:38:17 CDT 2004, right at the end of the October-postings). Colin
Watson answered to that posting: "yaboot doesn't understand how to find the
OpenFirmware path to external disks yet, so booting off them won't

Is booting off an internal (second) drive possible?

I'll apprechiate any helpful hints or informations on the matter,

Markus Kuschnik

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