WARTY review

Ian Malone ibm21 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 7 12:00:49 UTC 2004

cyberbot at softhome.net wrote:

 >> But there are license issues, and it would restrict what can be
 >> shipped with Ubuntu.

 > Everything I said was repeated from some of those reviews and the fact
 > remains that to convert your average Winblows user to any Linux
 > distro, things like multimedia support being installed by default are
 > going to be absolutely necessary for any distro to succeed in that
 > particular endeavor.

I haven't read the reviews cyberbot talks about, but I have read
the Linux Format review that started this thread.

They gave it 8/10, which strikes me as good.  Installation and
performance both got 9/10, documentation got 5/10 and ease of use got
7/10.  They said it was highly recommended and praised the ease of
the PPC install.

I haven't got a machine running Ubuntu yet (maybe next week),
but the review mentions they looked at a preview release and
that documentation and graphical configuration tools are likely to
come later.

With regards to cyberbots' comment about things like multimedia
support being installed by default, I think the barrier for
Windows users is system inertia.  If a box comes up in Linux
saying they need Java or something, Linux gets blamed, if it
happens in Windows, they just install Java.  Since this kind of
thing only needs to be done once, most people looking to switch
to Linux haven't had to install Java or Flash or Realmedia for
a while.  Incidentally, I'm using a new WinXP box in the office
and the first day on it was mainly spent putting this kind of
junk on.  How did I do it?  Pointed Firefox at websites that
required Java etc. and told it to install the plugin.


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