Installation on Old System [was re: WARTY review]

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Nov 7 05:40:29 UTC 2004

On Sat, Nov 06, 2004 at 11:12:19PM -0600, Tommy Trussell wrote:

> This is a follow-up message to say I disabled DMA the other night as
> described, and sure enough, the package installation completed, GRUB
> completed, and .... the system didn't boot. BUT it got a lot farther,
> so despite that small setback I decided turning off DMA was a key
> factor...

Unfortunately, that setting is not permanent, and some rather obscure magic
is required in order to change this setting before booting the system even
once.  I'd wager that if you disabled DMA permanently, your system would

> THEN I ran ubuntu installer again and it was A COMPLETE SUCCESS! WOW!
> So that means the real problem was that the newer kernels are pushing
> the hardware much closer to its limit!

...but this is much better. :-)

> BTW I have a few minor gripes about the custom install but nothing
> big...I suppose I should enter bug reports?
> 1) The custom installation completed but until I manually ran apt-get
> upgrade it did not pick up the 10 outstanding updates. I kindof
> figured it would do the updates automatically during the install,
> especially since most came from the security repository.

The installer asks a question about this, whether it is OK to fetch updates
from the network.  At least, it does so in a standard install.  Was this
question skipped in your custom install?  If so, it's not much of a bug; a
custom install deliberately leaves things like this up to you, and does the
minimum to get the system up and running.

> 2) The installation was very simple and the installation has a good
> basic configuration but I kindof expected it would prompt me through
> adding some other apt sources ... as it is, dselect reports that
> EVERYTHING available is installed. I will have to think about whether
> this is the best thing for a "custom" install. It's certainly simple!

Do you really mean EVERYTHING?  The custom install selects only the base
packages, and nothing more.  No window system, no graphical applications,
nothing.  The available package list will contain everything which is on the
CD, which includes the entire default install (with GNOME, etc.).

Are you sure you did a custom install?

 - mdz

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