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> However on the other hand it was mentioned that with Ubuntu the user has to 
> find and install many or all of these packages themselves. For new Linux 
> users, especially people coming from Winblows this is going to be quite a 
> task and it is going to turn them off to Linux very quickly. Can you imagine 
> a completely new Linux user trying to install Java? :o 
> Is there no way to include these things in Ubuntu? If so it would make the 
> transition for prospective new Linux users a much, much easier pill to 
> swallow.

But there are license issues, and it would restrict what can be shipped
with Ubuntu.

Basically, if you want what you say, you shouldn't use Ubuntu but MEPIS.
After all, that's why there are different distributions.

Personally, I like Ubuntu the way it is, and that's why I am using it. If
I wouldn't, I'd have been using Yellow Dog or Mandrake instead.

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