Reply to-field in mailing list messages

Marius Bock marius at
Sat Nov 6 09:03:45 UTC 2004

Unfortunately Thunderbird does not have a Reply-to-list --- real pain in the butt.

If anybody know of a Thunderbird Extension that does this then I would like to 
hear from you.

Marius Bock -- marius at

Daniel Stone wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 06, 2004 at 09:31:04AM +0100, Loptr Chaote wrote:
>>Being somewhat new to mailing lists I'm not so sure about the
>>standards so I'll ask this question..
>>I just recently discovered that all my replies to the Ubuntu-users
>>list has been sent to the Reply to-address in the mail, which is that
>>of the author rather than that of the list.
>>Shouldn't all mail headers processed and sent out by the mailinglist
>>be modified to read "Reply-to: ubuntu-users at ...."?
>>If not, why so? Seems to me that that's want you want to do 99% of the cases.
> Because that makes it more difficult to do personal replies (indeed,
> very difficult).  Most mailing software (Evolution, mutt, PINE, Balsa,
> Thunderbird, whatever) provides a Reply to List button for exactly this
> reason.
> It's been debated before and the general consensus was to stay with the
> current approach (which is standard for mailing lists) and have people
> use the Reply to List button.
> :) d

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