Treo 600

Travis Newman travis at
Fri Nov 5 13:12:06 UTC 2004

Thomas Beckett wrote:

>Has anybody got a Treo 600 working and snycing with Ubuntu. I have
>just got mine and have been reading lots of differing reports on
>getting it working. Its seems gnome pilot needs patching - but another
>report i read said that it is already done. Yet another mentioned that
>they could not get it working at all and used MultiSync (no idea waht
>that is)
>Also, which progs work best with it (evolution, thunderbird etc) 
>antoher one.. Will I be able to sync over files (oggs etc to play on my PTunes)
>Anybody got any advice for me before I give it a try tonight (after
I found this site very useful when I was getting my palm up and going.:
Hopefully it's as good for you was it was for me ;)

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