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All the friends I've got who webcam mostly use Yahoo Messenger to do it.
GnomeMeeting is a NetMeeting clone...I loved NetMeeting back when Microshaft
still supported it, but the average person usually ends up using Yahoo or
MSN messenger webcam services. ;) I remember back trying to talk people
through configuring NetMeeting to work....painful, so painful. Specially
getting H323 to work over NAT, now when everyone has a firewall.

Anyway, best to interoperate with the common stuff that's out
there...meaning Yahoo and MSN messenger voice and video services.  Some
people just can't handle Linux, ya know? ;) Now, excuse me while I beat up
on my unstable Windows IP stack...good thing my new Thinkpad (destined for
Linux) should show up today...getting really sick and tired of Gatesy's

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Perhaps have a look at gnomemeeting as well? I was testing it with a friend
last night (SBLive!/BT848) and it seemed to work really well. 


On Fri, 2004-11-05 at 06:23 -0500, Bryan Pizzuti wrote:
> Anyone have any luck getting gaim-vv to work with Ubuntu? It's at 
> and is supposed to allow voice/video 
> in GAIM.  I've been messing around a bit with it, but so far no luck.  
> I figure a desktop distro NEEDS a webcam/voice interopable IM client, 
> and AYTTM just doesn't look very polished (looks downright UGLY, as a 
> matter of fact...heh).

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