Evolution pains

R S Gill rsgill at purdue.edu
Fri Nov 5 05:28:05 UTC 2004

My beef with Evolution is that the option to add an LDAP server is 
greyed out and there is no way turn it on.


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Matthew Davidson wrote:

>I'm having a bit of a whinge, because it's a rainy Friday afternoon, and
>I don't feel like working.  So don't read this unless you feel like
>thanklessly trying to help out a sour old malcontent, or are in the mood
>to add your own whine.  
>I'm really disappointed with Evolution, and would be going back to
>Thunderbird if it wasn't for better IMAP support in Evolution.  Here are
>a selection of irritations:
>Multiple addresses in "To:" field. Several times I've pasted a (long)
>list of email addresses into the "To:" field, only to find some time
>later that the email was only sent to the first of these addresses.
>It's just occurred to me that perhaps I hadn't put commas in between the
>addresses, but who would assume spaces don't indicate a word boundary in
>a list of email addresses?
>No apparent way to disable HTML email rendering.  I can see where you
>can disable the loading of images, but no way to actually disable HTML
>rendering altogether.  I waste a lot of breath telling people to never,
>ever, read their email in anything but plain text, but the default email
>client on the system I'm installing for my customers has no way to do
>that.  There may not currently be any security holes in libgtkhtml,
>certainly not as many doozies as in IE, but it's not inconceivable, and
>I don't want to read my email in anything but plain text, anyway.
>Weird composing quirks, especially when pasting from formatted text.
>Evolution seems to employ some sort of peculiar text box formatting
>model.  When trying to place the cursor inside one of these boxes, the
>cursor often leaps back to the very top of the email. I never use word
>processors, so I can't imagine how this would be considered helpful or
>intuitive behaviour, but perhaps others can.  It's infuriatingly like
>one of those practical joke TSR programs you used to get for Windows
>Spam filtering doesn't work, at least not with the ease one would expect
>from something that has spam-related buttons in the toolbar.  I know
>that's been covered in a previous thread, but I just wanted to add my
>"me too".
>Perennial POP3 Error.  Every time one of my POP3 mailboxes is checked I
>get an irritating "Error while Fetching Mail. Cannot get POP summary:
>Operation now in progress." error.  I've googled on this, and the only
>advice I've found is to disable POP3 extensions, which makes no
>I can live with all of these, but I've been surprised by how few, and
>how insignificant, irritations have to be before many users will throw
>up their hands in despair and go back to Outlook Express (and tell
>everybody else in town how their life was hell from the moment they let
>me install something called "You-beaut-two" on their PC).

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