Can't install Ubuntu from CD-ROM

Scott D. Spiegler scott_spiegler at
Thu Nov 4 00:10:07 UTC 2004


Grabbed the  i386, iso file, burned it onto a CD-ROM
and am now trying to get it to run on my laptop, which
has an external CD-ROM drive. When I double click on
the iso file, Windows doesn't seem to know how to open
it. The docs say:

"To boot the CD, you may need to enter your BIOS
configuration menu and configure the list of boot
devices to include the CD-ROM drive."

When I F8 while windows is booting, I don't see a
choice that allows me to boot off the CD-ROM. Is there
another way to get into the BIOS to tell Windows to
boot off the CD-ROM? Windows can see the external
CD-ROM, but it doesn't seem to know how to boot off

Thanks, Scott

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