does realtime-lsm work with ubuntu?

ulrich steffens ulrich at
Wed Nov 3 19:34:45 UTC 2004

i tried as suggested, but couldnt get the module to compile.
it complains about wrong kernel headers. i run and there
are definetely(?) no headers for this kernel availlable.
the headers installed are version:
	2.5.999-test7-bk16 (warty)
so im stuck at this point, cause im not a big coder and therefore i
didnt have the slightest clue to handle this :)


Am Mittwoch, den 03.11.2004, 08:40 +1100 schrieb Luke Yelavich:
> On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 08:26:56AM EST, ulrich steffens wrote:
> > hi list,
> > i was wondering if i could do an 'apt-get install realtime-lsm' while
> > running ubuntu-kernel im running some audio-applications
> > that require realtime-capabilities and i dont want to run them as root
> > or sudo. so i thought i ask before trying realtime-lsm, maybe someone
> > has tried it before. did it work or do i need to compile my own kernel?
> It seems that realtime-lsm-source and realtime-lsm packages are 
> available in universe. I guess you simply have to install the source 
> package, and use module assistant to build it.
> Luke
- ulrich
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