Installing ubuntu on a older system (Pentium Celeron 430 MHz)

Jens Kubieziel jens at
Tue Nov 2 22:12:40 UTC 2004

* Matt Zimmerman schrieb am 2004-11-02 um 20:30 Uhr:
> On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 07:45:01PM +0100, Jens Kubieziel wrote:
> > The Ubuntu-CD boots and I can choose LANG- and LOCALE-settings. When CD
> > scans for hardware it stops at a point and I can only see the blue
> > background (just like a classic BSOD ...). Nothing more happens (I
> > waited for nearly an hour). I tried some bootparameters. However all
> > combinatons I tried led to the blue screen. Do you have any idea what
> > could the reason for this?
> Which boot parameters did you try?  Did you look at the other terminals
> (alt+f3, alt+f4) to see what messages were displayed?


If I select *all* of the above, I run into a kernel panic (Too many boot
parameters or so).

I see several insmod-messages on ALT+F3.
ALT+F4 says:
There are some 'detected module XY' and 'trying to load module XY'

user.notice hw-detect: Missing modules 'agpgart (SiS 620 Host), ide-mod,
ide-probe-mod, ide-detect, ide-floppy'
user.notice cdrom-detect: Searching for Ubuntu installation media ...

The cd-drive is active for some minutes and stops then. Thats's all.
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