ubuntu ppc mol problem

Wouter Eerdekens retuow at xs4all.be
Wed Nov 3 09:26:51 UTC 2004

Hi Nigel,

Do you have a file called /usr/src/mol-modules.tar.gz and have
you unpacked it?

If so, try to find the modules somewhere under /usr/src. I'm currently
not working on my iBook, so I can't check for myself where the
modules should be...


On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 09:09:48AM +0000, nigel beeken wrote:
> Hello,I am having problems installing mol on my G3
> clamshell iBook.I have followed the instructions on
> the ubuntu mac on linux howto wikipage, but when I try
> to build the kernel modules:
> cd /usr/src/modules/mol
> I get the error message:
> cd: /usr/src/modules/mol : No such file or directory.
> Has anyone else had this problem?
> Nigel
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