Network problems

Julio Biason julio.biason at
Wed Nov 3 00:24:32 UTC 2004

Hi there.

After running Ubuntu on my laptop for some time, I decided to install
it on my desktop/server. Unfortunally, There is some problems with the

Athlon with 2 NICs: 8139too and via-rhine. The 8139too is connected to
my cable modem. The via-rhine is connected to my laptop.

To make the cable work, I need to start the 8139too module with
"media=8 full_duplex=8". If the module isn't loaded with these
options, the dhcpclient can't get information from the cable provider
(my IP, etc).

What I did:
On /etc/modutils I created a file name 8139too with

options 8139too media=8 full_duplex=8

And run 'update-modules'. I did it 'cause it said so on modules.conf

So, my modules.conf had the options to correctly load the module.

During the boot, hotplug loads the 8139too module, but doesn't follow
the options on modules.conf.

It looks like the eth1 (via-rhine) isn't being configured. I tried
setting it up with the Network option (Computer -> System
Configuration) but, after rebooting the machine, it doesn't come up.
*NOTE*: I had to Ctrl+C the dhcpclient in order to finally getting
into the system, so it could be the the Ctrl+C also avoided the start
up of eth1.

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