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Tue Nov 2 20:07:43 UTC 2004

Am Dienstag, den 02.11.2004, 13:43 -0600 schrieb bewilkinson:
> Yes, burning Audio CDs' (and multimedia in gerneral) is the achilles
> heel of Ubuntu, especially if USB or SCSI are involved.  I would like
> to see Audio CDs appear as icons on the desktop (like data CDs do).  
> CDROM support is one area where KDE really shines, KDE even can rip to
> OGG or MP3 directly from the file manager.   While Gnome 2.8 looks very
> nice and has lots of potential, Gnome has a lot of catch-up to do if it
> is to match KDE's multimedia integration, reliability and simplicity.

hi there. talking about burning audio-cds. does anyone know, if it is
possible to burn mp3s (or whatever) as an audio-cd using nautilus
cd-burner? or do we have to use k3b or another tool to do so?

thanks in advance...
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