usb not working and no poweroff at shutdown

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Nov 1 17:32:58 UTC 2004

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 04:11:14PM +0100, gerald wrote:

> i finally got rid of both problems :))
> after recompiling the kernel and eliminating some 
> ballast i finally ended up with a kernel that 
> a. solves the powerup issue and
> b. made usb work great
> i know that this is not a real solution but more or less sheer luck, but
> anyway i'm completely happy now
> thx for your assistance

It would probably help if you attached a copy of your kernel .config to the
bug in Bugzilla.

If you disabled CONFIG_PCI_MSI, that is known to fix some similar problems,
and will already be changed in the next kernel update.

 - mdz

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