Ubuntu KDE

Chris Halls chris.halls at credativ.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 11:31:31 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 14 December 2004 10:51 am, Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski wrote:
> Chris Halls <chris.halls at credativ.co.uk> wrote:
> > Are you interested in helping out?
>  I would. But not as a fork(); from Ubuntu, because Ubuntu devs are
> outstanding and understanding people. I could help with polishing KDE for
> Ubuntu. :-)

Perfect.  Andreas & I are now fully fledged Ubuntu developers and we making 
uploads to the Ubuntu archive.  The archive structure wrt main/universe for 
Kubuntu may change in the future as the 'derivative distribution' 
infrastructure is finalised, but our KDE packages are not a fork as you 
perhaps imply.  There are no Ubuntu KDE packages as such - the non-ubuntu 
packages that you see in universe are simply (unsupported) automatic imports 
from Debian.

As a guide, those kde packages with an ubuntu version suffix are the 
beginnings of kubuntu.  We may be able to change that suffix to kubuntu.  
Elmo says the archive infrastructure can cope but I'll ask around a bit more 

If you'd like to start tweaking the 3.3.2 packages please go ahead.  Andreas & 
I will be busy for a while just getting everything uploaded.


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