Can GDM allow passwordless logins for specified users, in Ubuntu?

Andy Stone andy at
Sun Dec 12 10:01:33 UTC 2004

khad wrote:
> Sorry I cannot offer a HOWTO, but I do want to suggest a point of
> consideration. Ubuntu uses "sudo" for administration with no root
> password by default. I'm not sure that removing the user password would
> be such a good idea. I suppose you could create a root password and then
> go about using the method you described.
> I hope someone has a better anwser to your problem, I just wanted to
> discourage you from removing the only password on your system if root
> has no password (which it does not by default).

Agree mostly Khad - I don't feel happy with the idea of removing 
passwords from users given the approach Ubuntu has chosen.  It would be 
much better to find a way of keeping user's passwords, but just have GDM 
not ask for them for certain users if logging on locally. Just like KDM 
can be configured to behave.

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