Equivalent to "packages.debian.org"?

Markus Amersdorfer der.plusch.lists at gmx.at
Sun Dec 5 09:59:26 UTC 2004

Hi everyone.

While I had already mentioned this some while ago on this list, I'd
like to ask again, if an equivalent site to Debian's
"packages.debian.org" is planned for Ubuntu?
Being able to most easily get an overview of the miscellaneous versions
in the different distributions as well as being able to manually
download the packages directly is really one of the useful and
user-friendly aspects of Debian ... and for me it's possibly the
most-used part of the official Debian-website.

If there is a tool implementing this functionality for Ubuntu, I'd be
grateful if you could point me to it. Otherwise, I'd like to
feature-request this. :)

Many thanks for Ubuntu!


Information is always to be treasured, Raul. It is behind only love
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