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Craig Huffstetler craig.huffstetler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 03:40:37 GMT 2009

I see the frustration that you've had with this situation. I do want to ask,
before we jump into all of this, how it is all going to be approached. Is
there a project plan setup?

Some questions I ask myself are: who will pay the registration fee for the
domain, who is handling web admin. and ongoing system admin. tasks, if there
are hosting fees who will pay these? What if the Linode is shutdown in the
upcoming months without notice?

I may be the party crasher in this e-mail chain, but I think all of these
are good questions. I would just like to have a solid, organized plan in
place before such a move occurs. I think this move can benefit us all (loco
teams included) if it is well organized and thought out.

I've had to deal with data loss, hosting problems and frustration in my
not-so-recent past. I just want to make sure that we have a plan for today
and tomorrow.


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