[ubuntu-us] Time for another social meet-n-greet?

Jim MacDonald jim at macdonald.org
Mon Feb 25 15:49:58 GMT 2008

and 19:00 for Alaska and 18:00 for Honolulu, Let's not forget that 
everyone who lives in the United States doesn't live between
EST and PST. :)


Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Craig Huffstetler wrote:
>> I think this is a great idea; however, I propose to hold it perhaps two 
>> weeks in advance (not next week, but the next...). Just to give some 
>> people advance warning. Would this work? If it needs to be held next 
>> week, I don't mind at all!
>> However, overall -- I agree this is a great idea and I am all for it.
> Two weeks is fine.  Whether next week or the week following, however, we
> should keep it during the evening, so we can maximize our reach for
> those with school and/or work in the morning.  Say, 20:00 Mountain Time?
>  That puts it at 22:00 for Eastern and 19:00 for Pacific.
> Aaron

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