[Ubuntu-US] Plan of Action for Building Communities

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 21:17:54 BST 2007

I'll bullet point the way I read this for brevity and so I don't start
ranting and cause a flame war:

1. LoCo Teams should always help other Ubuntu Communities
2. Listen to your elders and betters they are sometimes wrong
3. Avoid legal and financial issues by ignoring them
4. Use any method to side step legal and financial responsibility
5. Local Linux user groups are a great crutch for organising events
6. Despite limiting ourselves we can still over reach to get things done
7. Do not try and organise your own events, they only give you responsibilities
8. LoCo teams do not replace existing user groups (ed: because we
arn't user groups perhaps?)
9. Lots of people tried and failed to advocate linux, don't bother trying again
10. Joining a local User Group can almost entirely remove all responsibility
11. We need to think small about what we do so as to avoid doing too much
12. Don't build isolated communities, in fact don't build communities
just join existing ones
13. Don't try anything that involves money, people, the public or any
other liability
14. Try and focus your advocacy away from the public and towards
developers and online tasks
15. Try and support local schools and education organisations,
co-operate with these groups.
16. There will be CDs and flyers through a magic process which isn't
documented (trust you eh?)
17. Don't bother joining a LoCo group or creating one, we really just
need more online support and you don't need to know anyone local to do
18. Communities are important, but not so important that you should
take responsibility for organising anything
19. Without the ubuntu community we are nothing (without Mr Edwards we
would all be slime moulds or some sort)

You can guess that I don't agree with you Mr Edwards, there are a
couple of common bloody sense things in there but everything else
paints you as a scared, frightened and cowardly figure who would
rather not engage in anything or organise anything that someone else
hasn't taken the guts, time, money resources to plan and organise and
take responsibility for.

The truth is that we are not just the components of existing events
and communities, we MUST have information available to be the starting
point for these things as much as we are involved in them as organised
by others.

I now officially stand against Mr Edards in principle over the issue
of the stance of the ubuntu-us team with regard to advice over legal
and financial advice.

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