[Ubuntu-US] Accounting Question

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:37:17 BST 2007

No hatred or animosity is present in my email.  This issue has been
raised before, and is a hot topic to say the least.  As one of the 3
original founding members of this project, we want to keep the project
steered in the direction of getting states approved by Canonical.  We
want to see teams helping teams.  We want to see members joining
Launchpad.  We want to see activity in IRC, mailing lists and forums.
We do not want to concern ourselves with funding or lawyers.  It
detracts from the focus of what we are trying to accomplish.  I am sorry
for being direct, blunt and to the point, but this issue needs to be
brought up elsewhere.  It just won't make any progress on this list or
in our IRC channel.  Continuing to bring it up will only create bad
emotions and people leaving the project.  I'd rather not have that.

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