[Ubuntu-US] Accounting Question

Chris Rohde veritastic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 03:16:02 BST 2007

Hey Gents,

I didnt mean to start an argument here, and I am in no way trying to
preemptively guide strategy for an organization which I am neither in
control of or able to influence in any significant way. I didn't want to
step on any toes.

My whole goal here, is that in the event that something along these
lines ever comes to be, I'd like to know I was able to do my small part
to side-step the inevitable headaches associated with this sort of
accounting, especially when dealing with so many people who have
absolutely no accounting experience (since it may not seem it, but is a
gigantic step away from personal accounting).

I will carry on finish out this plan, and the walkthrough for easy
accounting for individual teams as well, regardless of the outcome here.
I think it will be able to help people, from what I've seen.

Thanks folks!
Chris Rohde

Martin Owens wrote:
>> The only input I'm going to offer into this is that the US Teams Project has no interest in forming or running a blanket organization for the national teams.  Whether this be financial or legal.
> That is true, but...
>> I understand that a few teams have run into issues on the matter but the current stance is that those are issues for teams to work out individually.
> That sounds a lot like a wash you hands of the problem sort of stance.
>> As it stands currently the LoCo Project and the US Teams Project, including individual teams, should be able to do their advocacy without the need of funds.
> And that is just naive; I understand people are far more important
> than money, but to be honest failing to have the information and
> guides in place for each of the teams is worse than just being
> ignorant. There are so many things that teams want to do that require
> money; they require pooling of money and sorting out and organising
> everything; we can't afford to not keep records of this sort of thing
> regardless of our status as an 'organisation'
>> I appreciate your work Chris (bordy) in preparing something preemptively.  If / when the time comes that we need something I'm sure we'll look into your expertise.  In the meantime, again, I want to reitterate that it is not something required of any established or growing team to need funding or liability protection.
> You tone makes me feel like your giving up on the US teams, not only
> that but the attitude your showing Chris is quite extraordinary; Why
> not just say you think he sucks? I mean he's trying to help make
> information available and didn't ever suggest some of the things you
> seem opposed to and yet your on the attack. *sigh*
>> I don't want talk like this to put off growing teams.  I don't want fledgling teams thinking they are not able to function without something like this in place.
> You shouldn't remove their ability to learn about proper accountancy
> for small teams either; don't be so harsh on the idea of recording the
> flow of money in a team it can save a lot of problems later on.
> I think we may need to talk about this issue further because all of
> what I just read in your message was so negative and depressing and I
> think your so against having Ubuntu-US as an organisation that it's
> making you reject other important organisational information.
> Best regards, Martin Owens

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