[Ubuntu-US] Accounting Question

Chris Rohde veritastic at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 22:21:00 BST 2007

Hey folks,
I don't remember who I was talking to last week, I believe it was
dshufelt, but we were discussing the possibilities of a blanket
organization for a 501c3, handling the money for approved US Teams.
I was entirely against this, as I am an accountant by trade and I know
exactly how ludicrously difficult it would be to track the financials
for the entire country without a solidly built system and tight controls
in place. I am still not sold on the idea, but I am, in the interest of
my own sanity, drafting a battle plan should the decision be made to go
ahead with the plan to form a national blanket 501c3...
I am, of course, also writing up a bit of a how-to as far as basic team
accounting would run should a team decide to form their own organization
as recommended by the wiki documentation. I will get these out to the
list here sometime in the next week when I find the time to finish them.

I just wanted to know the status of everything, as far as blanket org
goes, and if there are, by any chance, any other accountants within the
US Teams web of contacts. lol.

Anyway, thanks, and I eagerly await any input anyone can offer.

Chris (bordy)

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