US LoCo Teams Houston Team in search of a mentor

Belinda A. Lopez dinda at
Thu Jul 19 04:28:13 BST 2007

Hi folks,
   I'm Dinda from the Ubuntu Houston Team.  I'm looking for a mentor  
to help our team make its way to the approved mode.  We requested a  
mailing list through the official channels but were told to use the  
"Texas Team" state list but there is NO Texas team list or even  
group.  There is a Dallas Team and they have their own list.  So now  
I'm not sure if it's even worth it to try move the Houston Team  
forward in an "official" manner as no one in the group is interested  
in being part of a "Texas Team" b/c the state is so large and they  
feel a city team would better suit their needs.  I don't know what  
the policy is on City versus State teams is but am curious if teams  
like the Chicago team have run into issues over this issue.  For now  
we have a member-hosted mailing list and IRC channel so at this  
point, not sure what becoming an official team would gain us.  Any  


Belinda/Dinda from Houston

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