open source survey (and a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card)

Douglas A. Whitfield douglasawh at
Mon May 11 19:32:48 UTC 2020

Marketing at my company has asked me to get some people to fill out this

What are they going to do with this info? I don't really know, but perhaps
if I tell you a bit about my company you can make a decision as to whether
you want to help us out.

My team, named OpenLogic, supports/consults on 100% open source. We are
part of a larger organization called Perforce, best known for a version
control tool with origins of about 1995. Today, Perforce is many things,
including a provider of some git tooling, but also many things outside of
the version control space.

We do a lot of different open source. Officially, we support CentOS and
ubuntu as Linux distributions (though we have a much stronger presence in
the CentOS space), but we also support a variety of java tooling,
infrastructure stuff (K8s, Nagios, etc.). We support too many things to
mention them all. My suspicion is that this survey will help us decide
where to continue to invest our time learning additional tooling (we get
asked all the time to add additional software to our supported stack), but
specifically as regards to marketing, what blog content we will publish. We
cover a variety of topics at . There is
nothing ubuntu-specific on the blog right now, but that might change
depending on the outcome of the survey (although, tbh, I kinda doubt it
given the way we have positioned ourselves with CentOS). I suppose if I
wrote an interesting article about ubuntu it might get published. Any
thoughts on anything specific? I can always consider it and if it doesn't
go on the OpenLogic blog, maybe I can put it on my personal blog.

We aren't hiring right now, and who knows when we might, but if this sounds
like something you would be interested in, OpenLogic is 100% remote (there
would also be the option to work from one of our offices, specifically of
interest for this group...Minneapolis). I mention this because I know there
was talk of expansion before covid hit the US hard, and there would be
hopes to return to that.

Amazon wouldn't have been my choice. I'll just leave it at that.
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