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Thu Apr 28 02:19:50 UTC 2016

The LoCo is already worth my time and effort, but I unfortunately don't
have that much of either due to the school year starting to come to a close.

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 9:12 PM, Simon Quigley <tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Greetings Wisconsin Local Community Team,
> We haven't done a lot in a while, that's really my fault. I've been
> talking to people running various LoCo teams, ruminating, and to be
> honest, I put facilitation of this group to the side while I worked on
> other projects within Ubuntu.
> Last time I sent an email to this mailing list, I was frustrated. I
> wanted to see a lot out of this team, and I changed some rules and such
> to ask for more out of people. Thinking on it, this wasn't smart. I
> would much rather see something guided by the community, participation
> whenever you would like, however you would like, with me acting as a
> facilitator. So I'm tweaking a few things, so relax. :)
> You don't have to show that you have participated if you don't wish.
> Although this is the case, I'm keeping the renewal period to six months
> for now.
> I apologize if I sounded harsh in my previous letter.
> My question is, what now? I'm asking for open feedback on this. What
> would make this Local Community team worth your time and effort? What
> would you like to see happen? How can we spread Ubuntu in the state of
> Wisconsin?
> I'm not *very* concerned with abiding by the LoCo Council's guidelines
> in regards to how we should run until something more happens. We'll
> worry about that later, and we'll comply with the council if they have
> anything against what we are doing. My point here is, let's not attempt
> to become verified until we have a few things figured out.
> Let me know what your thoughts are. :)
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