DrupalCamp Chicago 2012 - Nov 10th @UChicago

Matthew Lechleider matthew at lechleider.com
Tue Oct 16 13:48:54 UTC 2012

Register @ http://DrupalCampChicago.org

*Date: Saturday November 10th 2012*
*Cost: $20*

University of Chicago at the International House
1414 E. 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/X2PEI
Directions: http://drupalcampchicago.org/about/directions
Hotels: http://drupalcampchicago.org/about/eat-drink-sleep

*What is Drupal?*
Drupal is a free, community-built, website content management system. It 
powers many highly scalable and dynamic sites today including 
grammy.com, builtinchicago.org, and whitehouse.gov. Drupal's modular 
architecture and vast open source community make it one of the most 
effective platforms for organizations of all types whether non-profit, 
government, education, small businesses, or fortune 500 companies. 
Drupal has a proven history, is highly regarded as one of the best 
website frameworks available, and is rapidly gaining adoption all over 
the globe.

*Why DrupalCamp?*
For more than six years the Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group has highlighted 
the benefits of an open source initiative. We have built bridges between 
nonprofits/entrepreneurs and resourceful Drupal development companies, 
independent consultants, hobbyists in the Chicago-land area.

The day-long DrupalCamp allows for a more intensive hands-on focus than 
our normal monthly meet ups. DrupalCamp brings everyone of all skill 
levels together for open communication, education, fun, and a relaxed 
forum for industry networking.

*Not Just for Experts*
An attendee-driven format with an array of resources available makes 
this event unique. Multiple presentations will run 
simultaneously---geared to everyone from beginners, to hobbyists, to 
bloggers, to sales teams, to advanced developers. People of all skill 
levels are welcome and laptops are encouraged.

Need help with a problem, looking for work, or looking to hire Drupal 
talent? Find someone with a solution at DrupalCamp Chicago. Seating is 
limited, so register now.

Register @ http://DrupalCampChicago.org

Drupal is all about community, so we need YOU! Share your knowledge, 
contribute to the community, and highlight your experience to others by 
submitting a session.

Submit sessions @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/node/add/session

*Sponsorships Available*

    * Gold - $1000
    * Silver - $500
    * Bronze - $350
    * Community - $100

Sponsorship details @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/sponsorships

*Tell Your Friends!*
Let others know you're attending DrupalCamp Chicago by putting one of 
our lovely badges on your site and ping hashtag #drupalcampchicago on 
Twitter when you register. We look forward to seeing you November 10th 
at DrupalCamp Chicago 2012!

Badges @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/badges

Have questions about our event? Looking to contact event organizers?

Contact us @ http://drupalcampchicago.org/contact

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