Remote UDS - Monday results

Ian Weisser ian at
Mon Oct 31 21:29:38 UTC 2011

Hey, everyone

I've been tracking UDS remotely, and here's what I saw Monday

(1) State of Ubuntu Automated QA: Over the next 24 months, Canonical
will grow their automated testing activities to include installs and
everything on the default desktop, built on . Goal is to find critical bugs earlier,
and significantly reduce the number of install bugs.

Hope for community involvement, but apparently no plan for it yet
(couple months). Eventually, testers (upstream, community, everyone)
should apt-get install a "*-testing" package that standardizes the
testing environment and reports the results.

Bottom line for community testers: Holding pattern.

(2) App Support Developer Commmunity Growth: 

Discussion of how to make entry of new developers easier, reduce the
learning curve of developers coming from a different platform. Lots of
possibilities, lots of improvements proposed for

One interesting possibility was asking Google for a large permanent
hangout. Another was the equivalent of IRC "Office Hours" for some
experts, rather than idling and appearing to be present when actually

(3) LoCo Council Planning:

Coming soon, "Twinning" new LoCos with more experienced peers of the
same size/language.

Long discussion about the possibility of eliminating/changing the LoCo
Country-State hierarchy, possibly somehow moving to city-based. All
discussion, no consensus.

LoCo names will change soon on the LoCo Portal...but not anywhere else.


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