Cheesehead needs help (second call for testimonials)

Anthony Hook anthony.hook3 at
Thu Oct 20 04:15:54 UTC 2011

Already done!

Anthony - Sent from my mobile
On Oct 19, 2011 10:01 PM, "Ian Weisser" <ian at> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> As you may recall, I'm applying for Ubuntu Membership next week, and I
> *need* a few testimonials. So if you have seen my work, do please say so
> in a sentence or two on
> Thank You!
> -Ian
> P.S. Sample testimonial:
> "Cheesehead pollutes our IRC channel with his inane chatter. He stole
> money from my sister. He (and I am not making this up) proposed a
> fundraiser that involved swindling orphans. He eats all the food at the
> meetings, and never helps clean up. But most of all, I really dislike
> that his name begins with a capital letter. Ubuntu doesn't need ego like
> that."
> Except, of course, shorter and in your own words.
> --
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