Tuesday evening IRC hangout: Let's figure out how to break Ubuntu Friendly!

Ian Weisser ian at korinthianviolins.com
Tue Oct 18 12:53:13 UTC 2011

Hey, Wisconsin.

Tonight, please join us in #ubuntu-us-wi at 9:00 PM CDT and let's test
the Beta Ubuntu Friendly on everybody's hardware.

Ubuntu Friendly is the new hardware validation and database client.
The application tests your system hardware, and sends a hardware report
back to a database.  http://friendly.ubuntu.com

If you have ever wished for a compatibility list when shopping for
hardware, here's how the Ubuntu community is building that list.

(See the video at http://friendly.ubuntu.com/participate/ )
- Ubuntu 11.10 on a laptop (installed to HDD, not in VM)
- The 'checkbox-cli' or 'checkbox-gtk' package
- Headphones and Mic (optional)
- USB stick, USB HDD, Firewire HDD (optional)
- CD-R, Audio CD (optional)

Tonight we'll run through the tests (20 minutes or so).
The goal is to help build that compatibility list AND file bugs to
improve the beta.

This is an easy activity to fit into your evening plan. It's fast, easy,
and you can do it while watching TV.

See you there!


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