I need your help - Cheesehead wants to become and Ubuntu Member

Ian Weisser ian at korinthianviolins.com
Sun Oct 9 22:26:33 UTC 2011

Hey, everybody.

An IRC discussion today finally convinced me to become an Ubuntu Member.

As I have become more active in the non-forum, non-Launchpad parts of
the community, access to Planet and the IRC cloak would be most useful.

So please check out my application page at
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Cheesehead and help out:


1) If you're already an Ubuntu Member who has been through this process,
will this application work? Any format or content changes?

2) If you feel comfortable that you have worked with me long enough,
*please* add (or e-mail) a testimonial. How I worked a project or
workshop with you. Some of you have known my work in Brainstorm for


After some response, I'll let you know when the membership board meets
on IRC. If you could show up to cheer me on, I would GREATLY appreciate

Thank You for your help in this process,

Ian (Cheesehead)

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