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Shayon Mukherjee sj at
Fri Oct 7 05:23:37 UTC 2011

Sorry, I hit the send button pretty soon.

I also have this idea, i wanted to talk but apparently the IRC channel 
seems to be on bed now. Anyways, i was thinking of having a page like 
"Know your memebers/colleagues". That page can contain a 
mugshot/thumbnail of yours which will be a clickable link and direct to 
your user page or to that page where you have introduced yourself. And i 
plan to have to that on the orientation page.


> Helllooo people,
> Well i am not exactly sure if NewMemberOrientation is an appropriate 
> title for this page. As it tunred out, its covering a bit off-info 
> too. But anyways, please take out some time to browse through this 
> page - . 
> This is just a short draft, you can post your 
> ideas/opinions/comments/suggestions over here or make your changes in 
> the page and notify here. Upto YOU.
> Also i have used few different things here like the term 
> Ubuntu-Wisconsinite. I thought we should be having a short name to 
> represent ourselves. Ubuntu Wisconsin Loco team sounds too long to me 
> (no offense). Its good when talking professional, but for daily basis 
> and gettting along easy with others i came up with this. And it looks 
> cool too ;). This is still long i think. I got one more in mind, how 
> about Wiscbuntu ? Anyways, thats not a big proirity now (or may be it is).
> Apart from that i have included my own thought/motto/quote 
> there../Don't be a stranger, every word counts, no question is a silly 
> question and every small idea can be big enough to change the world./
> I thought that would be a good way to encourage new members. As i 
> personally go by that all the time. If you guys think its not 
> required, feel free to get rid of it ;).
> Apart from that, I am still working on "What to expect". I got a group 
> project and an exam next week. So gotta complete that too. But for 
> now, I believe we have start and should be good to go from here.
> P.S I still got to put some more info (just need time), as I belive 
> the informative it is the more user-friendly it will be.
> So post what you think and think what you post ;).
> /Shayon
> /
> / 

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