Video Chat with Skype on the Big Screen - A writeup of the process

Douglas Whitfield whitfield at
Sun Mar 20 19:37:42 UTC 2011

On Mar 20, 2011 9:37 AM, "Conor Klecker" <conor at> wrote:
> Being my HTPC it is already going through the receiver to the
> speakers, but if I am watching TV the sound doesn't come out. I could
> perhaps use a splitter to connect a 2nd, small, always on speaker.

I was thinking another audio out. I guess if you only have one jack though,
that's a problem.  If you have HDMI on your video card you should be good.
I suppose audio stack differences could cause differences in audio playback,
but I've never had problems with HDMI out and audio out.

I'm wondering if there's anything you could do with your phone.  I don't
know if the delay would be acceptable, but if you could get skype to hook
into a script then you could send a text to a GVoice account or send an
email or something.  You could set the phone to have a certain alarm if text
came from GVoice or if the email had a certain subject line.  If you had one
of those Tux dolls like Anthony has, I'm pretty sure you could set it up to
do something.

I realize I'm giving ideas and not solutions, but maybe someone has an easy
way to implement what I'm suggesting.
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