Lost File

John Bubon jmb8000 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 14 19:56:00 BST 2010

I spent several hours editing an openoffice spreadsheet document.  I 
saved it several times during the editing.  I finally saved and closed 
the document.  Later I tried to open the document, but got a message 
that the document doesn't exist.  (See attachmnts)  The document name 
then disappeared from the directory.  I can still find the document name 
under "Recent Documents".  Is there any chance of recovering this 

I have been running UBUNTU 9.10 for about 2 weeks.  It seems that 
programs have been locking up more frequently under 9.10 than under 9.04 
and 8.10.  Are there any known problems with UBUNTU 9.10?

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