Anyone interested in helping teach an Ubuntu class on P2PU?

Douglas A. Whitfield douglasawh at
Tue Apr 13 18:08:08 BST 2010

I've been taking a class with this session and I think it would be
great to do an "Introduction to Ubuntu" class.  I don't want to teach the 6
week session myself (that's how long my class anyway), but I'd be happy to
write the curriculum and get the class set up.  I'd just need some people to
be guest lecturers on specific subjects.  If you know people that use other
distros, but might be interested in doing a section on bash or something of
that nature, we could certain get them in the class...or if it was something
else, it could just be a "Linux" class.  Obviously Debian people would be
the best people if they weren't Ubuntu people.  If you think it would be
useful for me to put a draft of the course outline of the class on the list,
I'd be happy to do that.  Right now it's just an idea though.

Additionally, if you aren't interested in helping with the class, I'd highly
suggest checking out their course offerings.  They have everything from
Music Theory to Web Development.  It's a great way to learn a subject
without paying expensive university dollars.

Douglas A. Whitfield

President Madison Linux User Group
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