Online MATC classes vs. Ubuntu

Vance Kochenderfer vkochend at
Wed Jan 14 21:19:03 GMT 2009


I am not from the area, but ran across this article
<> and thought
that it might be an opportunity for local supporters.

In brief, someone purchased a laptop from Dell with Ubuntu
preinstalled, and experienced difficulty getting networked to
access MATC's online courses.  She also felt that MATC required
students to use Microsoft Word for assignments.

Buried at the bottom of the article are statements that Verizon
will be getting her online, and MATC will accept multiple document
formats, but the tone of the story is very much "Ubuntu prevents
you from doing the things you want to do."

It is of course Dell's and Canonical's responsibility to support
their product, but a bit of local assistance and education might
be just the thing to turn this story into a positive for Ubuntu.
Hopefully this message will find its way to someone who can help!

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