Kiel resident needs help with her system

Jeremy Wahl methodone.hardcore at
Sun Oct 28 07:47:42 GMT 2007

I got an e-mail saying that a Kiel resident needs help with her computer
with a dying hard drive:

-begin message-
I described sounds my computer is making to my son and he said it sounds
like my harddrive may be going to crash  and not to freak out,but he can't
get home for a week to listen to it.   What I am looking for is a basic unit
so I can check email and maybe get to library site once in a while.  With
cost of computer [she means Internet] service  (Charter)  I feel I need to
have it avail. daily.   Also I don't drive in winter so I would like a back
up in case I have problems. I am about 15 min. past H.G [Howards Grove] near
Kiel  and would be able to p/u if you ever have something available.

Thanks,  Laura
-end message-

I happen to live in Howards Grove, but I'm in the process of giving my old
systems to some collector/hobbyist.  Could someone be able to provide her
with a spare system or hard drive and possibly introduce her to Ubuntu if
she's interested?  She has cable Internet service from Charter, so that's
not going to be a problem with connecting her system to the internet, if she
connects to her modem with network cables.  Let's not force Ubuntu on her if
she refuses to use a different operating system or she depends on a Windows-
or OS X-only application with no decent alternative for Linux.  Her e-mail
address is astbernardmom at yahoo d0t com

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