UBUNTU: Our discussion during the scheduled meeting time. Please carry on discussion!

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 07:35:00 GMT 2010

I came to the meeting today late, as I had houseguests. There were not
many people attending, so we had more of a discussion/brainstorming
session than a meeting as such. See the logs at
http://ilbot.colliertech.org/ubuntu-us-wa/2010-01-17 (when they are
up. There was a hiccup). Until then,

We discussed moving the meeting to next Sunday at 3pm, and hoping more
people could join in. Until then, we can do some discussion and
brainstorming here and on the list - I will copy this post to the

We discussed tabling at Linux Fest Northwest. Consensus seemed to be
that we need to know how many are planning to show up, so we can share
tabling duties. It is a LONG day to do without relief! We have all the
supplies we need except CDs. PeanutB offered to contact Ubuntu for CDs
to hand out. Moo cards came up; I think this is what is meant:
http://us.moo.com/en/products/minicards.php . Small, inexpensive
business cards with our info on it. We'll be able to use these same
supplies when we table at the UW in the Spring, once the weather

Next we discussed a possible lucid lynx release party. A few venues
were presented: the College Inn, which is all-ages until 8pm daily;
Metrix: http://www.yelp.com/biz/metrix-create-space-seattle , which is
a hackerspace, and Pyramid:
http://www.pyramidbrew.com/alehouses/seattle. I can't tell from the
website if that's all-ages, or 21+. The hackerspace sounds cool, but
we might be "preaching to the choir" there. And we'd need to bring our
own food. At the pubs, we'd have more people who haven't heard about
Ubuntu Linux, and there is food/drink to order, but some folks
don't/can't come to pubs. Discuss!

I asked, but got no answer:

[16:21] <valorie> did anyone ever contact the members of the NW LoCo ?
[16:21] <valorie> I saw lotsa WA members
[16:22] <valorie> and I didn't recognize any of them
[16:22] <valorie> I understand NW LoCo no longer exists, right?
[16:22] <valorie> but there is still a page for it

Have these folks been told about our WA LoCo?

Finally, I mentioned:
and said:
[16:27] <valorie> I hope we can network with them
[16:27] <valorie> and the Linuxchix
[16:27] <valorie> maybe do some events together or something

It's an hour drive for me to come into Seattle, so I would love it if
we could coordinate with either/both of those groups and/or GSLUG, so
I could attend two events in one afternoon or evening. How about an
Ubuntu Hour before one of those other meetings?



PS: I don't see any nominations yet. Please nominate yourselves,
folks! We need some leadership. :-)

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