UBUNTU: Creating more *stuff* for Washington Team

Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Fri Feb 5 20:28:52 GMT 2010

Hello Washington, I'm not sure how everyone prefers to give feedback. So I
posted to Forum & ML. I made  a mock-up  header for us.

I used a few shades to help figure which is best. The poll in the forum may
not be that useful so add comments. The colors will *match* in final
version. Most links point to WA pages.

How can we rename any links to make it more approachable?
The WA logo is a temp, so are the others. Let's get some other ideas for

The announcement bulletin can be used to deliver any message.



I'm feeling lazy on the intro thing so I'm including link to my user page on
Community Leadership Summit wiki


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