UBUNTU: The intersection of geek and geek

Linda Halligan linda.halligan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 17:37:36 GMT 2010

While I was figuring out how to fit activities to support Geek Girl Con
(coming some time in 2011 to a venue in or near Seattle) into my
schedule I started thinking about the possibility of handing out Ubuntu
install CDs at the convention. This brought to mind the general idea of
handing out CDs at any of the regional geeky conventions that LoCo
members may already be attending.

Would our effort be better spent outside of the non-computer specific
realms of geekdom (sci-fi/comic/gaming/steampunk) where there may
already be significant cross over with the open source community? Or
might this type of outreach something more easily accomplished because
LoCo members may already involved in these other communities?

I'd like to know what other people think about coordinating these types
of activities. As well as ideas on any other outreach oportunities we
may be able to pursue in the coming year.


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