UBUNTU: FWD: [SASAG] N[et]WIT'11: Call for volunteers - SASAG & LOPSA PNW Regional conference

Linda Halligan linda.halligan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 21:24:14 BST 2010

Please contact netwit-chairs at sasag.org if you are interested in volunteering.


Hey All,

We need your help planning and staffing a regional conference of System
Administrators.  The goal of this conference is to build a community of
system administrators which extends the network of expertise beyond the
workplace.  The emphasis will be on shared culture, experience and
teaching. Our goal is to build communities with formal and informal
levels of trust.  The conference will be co-sponsored by SASAG and LOPSA.

We would appreciate your help. Please volunteer for a committee and/or
make suggestions for new committees, changes to committees or tasks that
ought to be added.  Just reply indicating the committees/activities to
which you would like to contribute your time and effort.

Content Committee(s)
These committees will decide on the presentations for each panel and the
training schedule.

This committee will compile of list of available lodging near the
Conference venue.

This committee will organize: registration, checkin, mics, speakers,
back office, bookkeeping/accounting, networking/wifi/isp. We would like
to hand this off to AH if possible.

Marketing & Advertising Committee
This committee will make sure the call for presentations and
registration is sent out to the appropriate mailing lists, tech
communities, professional groups, organizations and others

This committee will arrange for the announcement of speakers and other
general announcements.  They will also arrange for timers.

Reception / Social Activities
This committee will arrange for food and greetings.
(Pubs, Sightseeing, Restaurants, Cruises, Tours, Bike Rentals)

This committee will try to get the conference quality sponsorship.

This committee will compile a list of transportation options near the
conference venue.

This committee will gather bids for venues that hold 100 people with
enough power and network. Location should be near public transportation
(light rail and bus) and lodging. Hoping AH will negotiate rental


Thanks for you help and suggestions,
--Anjanette & Lee
N[et]WIT '11 Chairs

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