UBUNTU: There must be a leader

C.J. Adams-Collier cjac at colliertech.org
Fri Dec 11 16:12:42 GMT 2009

Hey there Vince!  Thank you for your vague concept of an idea!

First of all, I want to make it clear that making Microsoft out to be
the bad guy is a) not necessary and b) slightly offensive to me,
personally.  Don't get me wrong: I'm an avid linux user and prefer to
avoid the winders family of operating systems.  I just don't see how
separating the world into "us" and "them" helps any cause.

I'm up in Seattle and have discussed setting up a UW users group with
Michael Goodman.  It would be fun to put together a booth outside the
HUB and give away copies of Karmic.

But now to get the big girl to school....



On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 21:35 -0800, minty wrote:
> ****  I'm Vince! This is my vague concept of an idea  *******
> I believe
> there must be a leader
> stock should be taken of people who are willing or wanting to help
> A task should be selected for undertaking
> things that need to be done to facilitate said task should be organized 
> into a list and should be emailed or posted online
> those willing to help should be able to sign themselves up for a task 
> and the leader should ensure that all things that are needed to be taken 
> care of are taken care of
> so we need a leader, a nice chat session, and some resolve! It would be 
> nice to shock some people when they see that people are actually out 
> handing out a free operating system, and offering support and what not. 
> i dont know .. ..
> maybe I dont know what i'm talkin about, but it would nice to see at 
> least SOMETHING come together.
> below is just a rant so dont read it if you dont want to listen to me rant
> by the way I'm no linux expert, and I've not done anything so far that 
> would put me into the position being the person to send this email, but 
> I'd like to think that it I can help. Basically I get this funny feeling 
> that I'm totally out of line even trying to help. I dont know anyone, I 
> dont know what experience others might have, and I feel out of place. 
> Still I have organized more than one music festival and used to throw 
> lots of small concerts down here in Olympia, so maybe my event planning 
> side can help.  In my fantasy we have a nice little booth where people 
> come and say, "An operating system that's not windows sounds 
> interesting," and we cut off and say, "Oh it's awesome, let me show you 
> some of the features," and by the time were done they walk away cursing 
> Microsoft, and  dreaming of  a better world and a faster computer.  When 
> and where  this fantasy could be lived out  I  just dont know. Most 
> people are attached to windows, like my 1 1/2 year old is to her 
> favorite blanket.  I dont know where you can go that people are really 
> gonna welcome someone whos telling them that their windows (blanky) is 
> not necessary and even harmful. Maybe colleges are the best hope. The 
> younger crowd might be more open to new ideas like linux, whereas older 
> folks are likely to remember less pretty days of linux and remember that 
> through a lot of those days windows was at their side with its bells and 
> whistles at hand.  Yes I believe the children are our future. I've 
> contemplated not sending this email. oh well
> Where does everyone live by the way? I'm in Olympia. Determining a 
> central location might help decide where a good place to start is for 
> events.

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