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Hi Vince, nice to meet you. I'm Valorie, and my reply is interspersed.

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 9:35 PM, minty <almostalive2009 at gmail.com> wrote:
> ****  I'm Vince! This is my vague concept of an idea  *******
> I believe
> there must be a leader

A leader or a small committee; either will work.

> stock should be taken of people who are willing or wanting to help

That's what this is about, as I understand it.

> A task should be selected for undertaking
> things that need to be done to facilitate said task should be organized
> into a list and should be emailed or posted online

So far, this is going well, I think. Brainstorming > some events/tasks
> planning

> those willing to help should be able to sign themselves up for a task
> and the leader should ensure that all things that are needed to be taken
> care of are taken care of
> so we need a leader, a nice chat session, and some resolve! It would be
> nice to shock some people when they see that people are actually out
> handing out a free operating system, and offering support and what not.
> i dont know .. ..

I found out about this in the Ubuntu-Women IRC channel. What is the
best place/venue for meetings? Does everyone use IRC; should we use
the list as a backup, or do people like lists for this sort of stuff?
Real live meetings might be fun too -- after the holidays.

> maybe I dont know what i'm talkin about, but it would nice to see at
> least SOMETHING come together.
> below is just a rant so dont read it if you dont want to listen to me rant
> by the way I'm no linux expert, and I've not done anything so far that
> would put me into the position being the person to send this email, but
> I'd like to think that it I can help. Basically I get this funny feeling
> that I'm totally out of line even trying to help. I dont know anyone, I
> dont know what experience others might have, and I feel out of place.

Can you tell us more about your experience in the Ubuntu community? So
far, everyone has been very welcoming to me, and I'm an older woman,
and not much of a techie.

> Still I have organized more than one music festival and used to throw
> lots of small concerts down here in Olympia, so maybe my event planning
> side can help.  In my fantasy we have a nice little booth where people
> come and say, "An operating system that's not windows sounds
> interesting," and we cut off and say, "Oh it's awesome, let me show you
> some of the features," and by the time were done they walk away cursing
> Microsoft, and  dreaming of  a better world and a faster computer.  When
> and where  this fantasy could be lived out  I  just dont know. Most
> people are attached to windows, like my 1 1/2 year old is to her
> favorite blanket.  I dont know where you can go that people are really
> gonna welcome someone whos telling them that their windows (blanky) is
> not necessary and even harmful. Maybe colleges are the best hope. The
> younger crowd might be more open to new ideas like linux, whereas older
> folks are likely to remember less pretty days of linux and remember that
> through a lot of those days windows was at their side with its bells and
> whistles at hand.  Yes I believe the children are our future. I've
> contemplated not sending this email. oh well

I for one am glad you did. Music concerts sound like great background
for this! I love music, by the way, and love going into Seattle to the
little clubs and hearing bands I like. My take on it, is that you
don't have to worry about those who walk past you and aren't
interested. You'll have plenty to do dealing with those who ARE

> Where does everyone live by the way? I'm in Olympia. Determining a
> central location might help decide where a good place to start is for
> events.

I live in Black Diamond, and am willing to come to Seattle or Tacoma
for meetings. Olympia is a bit far, but for an event, carpooling

Do we have any connections here on the list to GSLUG or Seattle
Linuxchix? I keep meaning to go to the Chix meetings, but it's a long
drive in the dark......

Anyway, I'm Valorie, and I use Ubuntu with KDE on top, and am starting
to get involved with helping out in the Amarok project. I do
genealogy, and am also a proud and active member of PFLAG, and a mom
and now grandmother. It might be fun to get my oldest son involved in
this group too, since he's the one who got me using Linux in the first
place, years ago!

Nice to meet you all.


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