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Yuri yuriry at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 02:49:35 BST 2008

I do use GNU/Linux on a regular basis.  I'm investigating possibilities
of developing fast and scalable web applications that require minimal
computer resources on the server side.  There are three main reasons why
GNU/Linux is a natural choice:

First, a small memory foot print.  For comparison, I have a dual boot
Vista/Gutsy laptop (1.5 years old, Core Duo 1.83GHz, 2MB of RAM).  After
starting Vista, the occupied memory is more than 600MB.  After starting
Gutsy/GNOME, the occupied memory is less then 150MB.  And I know that if
I configure Gutsy without X and GNOME, the memory footprint will be much

Second, PostgreSQL.  I'm experimenting with tables that can contain up
to 20,000,000 records. When I run my queries on SQL server on Vista, the
SQL server takes up to 1.8 GB of RAM and the system is continuously
swapping.  PostgreSQL with default settings running the same queries on
Gutsy never takes more than 40MB without affecting query performance.
I've never seen the system swapping, which enables me doing other work
at the same time.

Third, tntnet, which is a fast application server with a small memory
footprint.  It allows embedding C/C++ directly into HTML thus skipping
all wrappers.  And it is also very nicely integrated with STL.  In my
configuration tntnet takes only 2.5MB of RAM.  I'm really looking
forward to installing Hardy server with PostgreSQL and tntnet and
tweaking the configuration to minimize memory usage.  It would be nice
to get it under 50MB, and by looking at processes in the system monitor
I think it is possible.  And I'm not even mentioning server
virtualization, which will be the next step for me.

And using GNU/Linux as a desktop is just a pleasure.  Multitasking is
amazing.  When the system starts you do not have to wait until
notification bar fills in with applets in order to be able to click on
the start menu.  You start coping or moving huge files and immediately
forget about it because it feels like nothing is happening.  You run
database queries and only hear the noise of the hard drive:  clicking on
the menu bar and starting another application still takes no time.
Isn't it awesome?

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