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Wed Apr 16 18:26:16 BST 2008

Hello all -
After looking at the Fest schedule, I noticed that there are BOF sessions on
Sunday for openSuSE and Fedora, but not Ubuntu. I asked Mark if anyone had
mentioned it and he responded not yet, but if we're interested we could
request it.

So, are we interested? In other words, are enough folks still going to be
around Sunday afternoon who'd be interested to request one, or should we
stick with what's already on the list?


On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 1:39 PM, Paul Bartell <paul-bartell at ubuntu.com>

> Hello All,
> As most of you know, we will be having a booth at Linux Fest Northwest
> again this year, and it would be great to see some of you there.
> Currently Dan Shufelt has confirmed he will be there, as has WIlliam
> (though he will be at the GSLUG booth close by). Please reply if you
> plan on going.
> I received the ubuntu media pack a few days ago. In it i got 1 M
> shirt, 2Ls and 1 XL. They are from the canonical store, and are brown
> with the logo on them. I would like the M one as its pretty much my
> size, though i have one from last year i will wear if needed. For some
> reason we were sent 210 Gutsy cds, which i guess we can give out if we
> run out of hardy cds.  We also received 2 hats (one of which is going
> to the raffle), a bunch of stickers, some pens, and 50 or so brochures
> (apparently we got the Approved Loco pack by accident, oh well. ) I
> also have 100 powered by ubuntu stickers from System 76.
> So reply if you plan on coming to linuxfest and/or volunteering at the
> booth, if you volunteer, you could get some swag (depending on how
> much time you put in compaired to others)
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